General Explanations

Mandatory fields

All forms in Click2Correct application have some mandatory fields that must be filled. If one data field has a red icon at the right end of it, for example:


It means that this particular field must be filled in order to proceed. After a valid information entered in the field, red icon will be turned into green:


Some mandatory fields may have their own definition of “valid information”. In this case you will be informed with an red error message. For example you will see an email field in our Registration Form:


You must enter a valid email address to this field.


If one form has unfilled mandatory fields, like the Login Form example below, proceed button of that form, “Login” in our example, will be disabled(unclickable and faded out):


Username and Password fields in our Login Form example must be filled in order to proceed:


As can be seen, all mandatory fields are filled, and “Login” button is active and clickable.

Marking in manual screenshots

Some screenshots are included in this manual. Please take a note that, all orange markings and enumerations in our screenshots, like below, will be served to purpose of explaining Click2Correct application clearly.